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Revekka Balancier

Co-Founder + Operations Director + Editor-in-Chief
Justified Hype

Founder/Purpose-Driven Marketing Aficionado
Axiom of Purpose

A Walk Among Gods

Marketing & Communications Manager
Port of San Diego

 San Diego, CA – United States

Meaningful work inspires me. I love a challenge, I love to achieve what people thought was impossible, and more than anything else, I love knowing my hard work and energy are spent making the world better for the people who live here.

I spent 10 years in the private sector, mostly at agencies specializing in entertainment publicity and promotions for feature film studios - everything from Disney to Paramount to Universal, working on films that bring people happiness and help them escape. But I was searching for a more direct way to make an impact and found that in the public sector. I've now spent over 10 years in various public service roles including Director of Communications for the Lt. Governor of Colorado and Denver Human Services, and Marketing Manager for the Port of San Diego. As a public servant, I have created purpose-driven marketing, communications and outreach campaigns for the environment, child and family services, higher education, economic development, foster parent recruitment, ending homelessness and other critical community initiatives.

I founded Axiom so I would have more opportunity to do the purpose-driven work I love as a part-time freelancer. On the weekends, when I am not working with the Hype team and on Axiom projects, you will find me decorating my year-round holiday tree for my latest theme party, writing poetry (some of it rhymes - gasp!) or pretending I'm a hiker, but mostly just getting lost.

Media Gallery

Creations and Collaborations

The Secrets of the Stars

Photographer Jon Medel captures model Arkady in a golden, glittering psychedelic star trip, where the knowledge of the universe is revealed to her, in Revekka Balancier’s ode to mind-expanding hallucinogens for our #thathigh collection.

How high were you? #ThatHigh

With #thathigh as their starting point our ingenious creators express their high, probably not the one you most commonly think of. From the dancefloor to jets to psychedelic computer gen art, we’re getting #thathigh.

Arash Afshar on Producing Art | Justified Hype Magazine

Igniting Pride is the rallying cry of the Ignite collection photo shoot which provided Arash Afshar, photographer, an opportunity to offer his perspective on the creative process, making art vs allowing art to make itself.

Ignite a Fire: Creative Passion Photo Essay | Justified Hype

Glass Artists Corey Mitchell and Alexander Chacona demonstrate their passion of glass lampwork in this photo essay shot by Arash Ashfar and set to Revekka Balancier’s “Ignite a Fire,” a creators’ rallying cry.

Summer heat brings everything we need to IGNITE

Editor-in-Chief Revekka Balancier previews our Ignite collection exploring pride, culture, passion, confidence, motivation, community and more in her Anti-Editor’s Letter. Fiery clouds photos by Justified Hype Creator Chris Reyes.

Miki Vale: Home is where

Miki Vale is a hip-hop artist with the heart and drive of an artivist focusing on social and political issues. She loves to create, to share, and to help others create, as well. She is also a poet, a commissioned playwright, and a teacher working with displaced and disconnected populations. Miki talks Respite, and what it means to feel at home.

About the Cover: Nick Isabella captures a special kind of respite

Revekka Balancier interviews fitness photographer Nick Isabella regarding “Respite.” Discover his creative process in shooting this collection’s cover of Miki Vale.

Mala prayer beads for meditation, mantras and more

Discover the secrets of our handmade mala prayer beads and the tradition of providing a sense of respite to the wearer by setting your intentions. Available in the Justified Hype Store, hand crafted by Creator Kara Ghilarducci.

The Dark Side of Me

Revekka Balancier writes about the frustration of living with an alcoholic, knowing it is a disease, and having no one to blame but the moon in our latest #WalkAmongGods Poetry & Photo entry. Jon Medel’s beautiful break-up photo of model April Bay portrays the sadness and regret in the poem perfectly.

Lunar Cycle: Photo Essay

Revekka Balancier weaves a folklore styled short story titled “Lunar Cycle” about the Moon’s seduction and betrayal of a woman in this Moonshine theme inspired Photo Essay.

Message in a Bottle

Our poetry and photo series features Revekka Balancier’s ode to Corralejo tequila with dreamy photo by Arash Afshar.