/ A Walk Among Gods / The Dark Side of Me

Two women arguing from the poem, The Dark Side Of Me by Revekka Balancier. Photo by Jon Medel

Dark Side
of Me

Words by: Revekka Balancier

Photo by: Jon Medel

Model: April Bay

I get to be angry
I get to yell and scream
you drank up all my patience
with the vodka you chose over every other priority

you get to drown
in an ocean of your own self-pity
the sympathy you need
was washed away with your own sins
one sip at a time
you emptied every vessel of support you had
and now you wonder why you’re left
on your darkest night alone

they get to say
this is a disease
a tidal force so strong
you are powerless to resist
no one expects the waves to ignore the moon

I get to call bullshit
I know you better
I’ve heard every watered down excuse you have to give
tell them your story
let them believe you
I get to be angry

damn the moon