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A Walk Among Gods

A Walk Among Gods was an early inspiration for Justified Hype – a combination of human-centered multimedia project and artistic collaboration. Most simply, A Walk Among Gods is photographic responses to poetry – a way to capture the image the poet has planted in the photographer’s mind. The series was originally published at awalkamonggods.tumblr.com beginning in 2016, with the photography of Arash Afshar. Now, we invite our Creators to collaborate as part of this series.

Applied to the Dark

Noor Kazmi writes of the “blonding” of the “dark” with each generation. Heritage cultures are disappearing while European cultures build. Photo by Yan Yanez, photo and poetry series A Walk Among Gods.

The Tourist

Sarah Cohen takes on a lover while international touring and discovers more than a language barrier when it comes time to say goodbye. Read The Tourist in this installment of #AWalkAmongGods, poetry + photography. Photo by Arash Afshar

My Body

Ada Powers welcomes the process of transitioning from Adam to her new self in My Body. In her exploration she discovers a new love of her body, now growing rounded, soft and feminine. A vulnerable and powerful addition to our Poetry & Photo Series. Accompanying photograph, Arash Afshar.

The Dark Side of Me

Revekka Balancier writes about the frustration of living with an alcoholic, knowing it is a disease, and having no one to blame but the moon in our latest #WalkAmongGods Poetry & Photo entry. Jon Medel’s beautiful break-up photo of model April Bay portrays the sadness and regret in the poem perfectly.

Moon Baby

Poet Sarah Lujan writes about the cyclical nature of relationships in Moon Baby. Arash Afshar photographed Creator Jamahl Kersey to capture Sarah’s words.

Message in a Bottle

Our poetry and photo series features Revekka Balancier’s ode to Corralejo tequila with dreamy photo by Arash Afshar.

Dismantle Me

An exploration of Limitless in a poem about internal boundaries by Karen Kaye, with original photo by Arash Afshar.