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tequila bottle on the beach

the cool, cobalt blue bottle beckons
how long must its message have sailed the seas?
the long, tall thin bottle, with glistening gold letters
carved with a treasure map, a clue whispering
the message in this bottle will take you home

the tension in my shoulders brings them close to my ears
my ears long to hear the crash of the wind
the cork promises the calm of the ocean
can simply be unleashed from inside the glass walls
with a twist and a pop and the message within

the chink of the ice builds anticipation
frustration peaked as high as high tide
but the message from the bottle slowly uncurls
in a smooth waterfall against the cracking ice
the first drop wets my lips just a bit
I hunger for the words I know are to come
like cursive flowing gracefully across ancient parchment
my parched throat thirsts for more relief
every sip reveals more of the script
let it go, let it flow, let it be

the magic in the bottle spreads through my limbs
anger fades, sadness dissolves, life returns
I can see the message clearly now
I float on waves of laughter and ease
the meaning of the message flows through me
happiness is this uncomplicated
joy as effortless as a cool, smooth sip

no longer lazy with the days exhaustion
the movement in a bottle moves through my soul
the energy makes me come alive
I dance and sway, I laugh and sing
the music in the bottle plays its song for me

as the night sky grows darker above
the message becomes a grand story
and then another, reminiscing about care-free days
reading the memories in a bottle
good times pour from the glass storyteller
tall tales echo, our personal myths

conversations turn deeper than the depths of the pacific
the bottle’s adventures turned to wisdom
the philosophy of the world in waves
pouring forth from the sapphire cylinder
whatever it is I need to hear, to feel
the royal blue glass is there to listen,
caters to my every whim
and brings me a message in a bottle

Message in a Bottle

Words by: Revekka Balancier

Photo by: Arash Afshar

Model: Corralejo Tequila Reposado!