October's Cover with Sara Husby as the Model;photo by Arash AfsharOctober's Cover with Sara Husby as the Model;photo by Arash Afshar


October 2019

Sara Husby

Arash Afshar

October is for Mortality

Whether it is a healthy way to demystify the unknown with humor, or a cruel way to terrorize our children forevermore – October skeletons and other-worldly decor surround us with both our fascination and our fear of death. We can’t help but be confronted with the reality of our own mortality this month, but morbid it is not. Mortality is simply the quality of being mortal. And that we are. This month we embrace our mortality, which means embracing our humanity. Justified Hype Creators explore the land of the living this October.

Double Exposure: Photographers in Action – Arash Afshar shoots Yan Yanez

Photographer Yan Yanez played with long exposure shots, smoky clouds, crossing boundaries (so much so that we all received trespassing citations!) and Arash Afshar captured it all in Double Exposure: Photographers in Action.

Letter from the Founder – September 2019, Organic

Arash Afshar describes his sixth Burning Man experience, “I swam in joy and danced till dawn, felt the euphoric elation of deep new energetic connections, with even deeper spiritual expansion, the releasing of decades-held tears…”

Organic: Eating, Growth, Connections, Style

Our Editor provides a sneak peek at the different explorations of Organic our Creators will share in September, from eating organic food, to growing website traffic, to having a natural style.

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