#ThatHigh in August

If you have not yet perused #ThatHigh on Reddit, Tumblr, Insta, Twitter or even just google… get ready for some laughs. The Justified Hype Creators are putting their own spin on the theme #THATHIGH this month, beginning with Yan Yanez’s cover photo of Context Artist Steve Mulcahy of Afternoon Kitty. Stay tuned for our cover story about the natural high he’s spreading in the worldwide techno scene. Plus, read about our photo shoot adventures in Behind the Cover, a chronicle of a Puff n Paint experience and check out our Anti-Editor’s Letter to find out just how high our Creators get in this month’s issue.

Photo Essay Afrika Burn

Stunning Photo Essay of Arash Afshar’s travels to AfrikaBurn, where Burner Podcast listener Paul Cowan invited him to trust in friendship, trust in the road and trust in the universe.

Cover Story: Afternoon Kitty | Justified Hype

“I wanted a purpose, to send a message.” says Afternoon Kitty. With a mission of “Love.Art.& Beats.” coupled with his special house & techno mix and goal to help make a sacred space for dance floor therapy, he accomplishes that.

Letter from the Founder – August 2019 #ThatHigh

Let’s call it what it is, not a war on drugs but a war on race and class. In this month’s Founder’s Letter we romp from faceplant to “escape or expansion” taking a deep dive on the topic of #thathigh.

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