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Double Exposure: Photographers in Action – Arash Afshar shoots Yan Yanez

Photographer Yan Yanez played with long exposure shots, smoky clouds, crossing boundaries (so much so that we all received trespassing citations!) and Arash Afshar captured it all in Double Exposure: Photographers in Action.

Letter from the Founder – Organic Collection

Arash Afshar describes his sixth Burning Man experience, “I swam in joy and danced till dawn, felt the euphoric elation of deep new energetic connections, with even deeper spiritual expansion, the releasing of decades-held tears…”

Organic: Eating, Growth, Connections, Style

Our Editor provides a sneak peek at the different explorations of Organic our Creators will share in September, from eating organic food, to growing website traffic, to having a natural style.

Adrenaline Rush: Spotlight on Risk

From graffiti art to fine art, from high-up bridges to high-up buildings, from less than legal to pro bono public art, every risk pays off for paint fiend and adrenaline rush junkie, Risk.

The First Frontier

Flex Air CEO and pilot Paul Wynns reflects on his first flow state experience, flying a small plane high above the clouds where the majestic views are only the beginning.

The Secrets of the Stars

Photographer Jon Medel captures model Arkady in a golden, glittering psychedelic star trip, where the knowledge of the universe is revealed to her, in Revekka Balancier’s ode to mind-expanding hallucinogens for our #thathigh collection.

Photo Essay AfrikaBurn

Stunning Photo Essay of Arash Afshar’s travels to AfrikaBurn, where Burner Podcast listener Paul Cowan invited him to trust in friendship, trust in the road and trust in the universe.

Cover Story: Afternoon Kitty | Justified Hype

“I wanted a purpose, to send a message.” says Afternoon Kitty. With a mission of “Love.Art.& Beats.” coupled with his special house & techno mix and goal to help make a sacred space for dance floor therapy, he accomplishes that.

Letter from the Founder – #ThatHigh

Let’s call it what it is, not a war on drugs but a war on race and class. In this collection’s Founder’s Letter we romp from faceplant to “escape or expansion” taking a deep dive on the topic of #thathigh.

Double Exposure: Photographers in Action – Arash Afshar shoots Nick Isabella

In our debut photo essay column, Photographers in Action, Nick Isabella is in perfect form as he shoots the cover of our June issue. Arash Afshar, ever cat like, captures his gregarious yet agile technique.

How high were you? #ThatHigh

With #thathigh as their starting point our ingenious creators express their high, probably not the one you most commonly think of. From the dancefloor to jets to psychedelic computer gen art, we’re getting #thathigh.

Arash Afshar on Producing Art | Justified Hype Magazine

Igniting Pride is the rallying cry of the Ignite collection photo shoot which provided Arash Afshar, photographer, an opportunity to offer his perspective on the creative process, making art vs allowing art to make itself.

Ignite Movie: An Ode to the Burning Man Experience

Ryan Moore’s short film, Ignite, provides a glimpse into the social experiment of Burning Man. The documentary almost makes the experience tangible and yet, you can’t KNOW without have been there yourself. Bonus: Podcast

Applied to the Dark

Noor Kazmi writes of the “blonding” of the “dark” with each generation. Heritage cultures are disappearing while European cultures build. Photo by Yan Yanez, photo and poetry series A Walk Among Gods.

Burning Geometric Fever Dream Party Series comes to San Diego

Enter another world. The world of after hours after parties and psychedelic parties. DISORIENT’s Xylogen Qi provides that down the rabbit hole night with an immersive art experience for San Diego’s subculture.

Mi Barrio Through the Years

Vera Sanchez realizes her pride in “mi barrio” of Logan Heights when called upon to protect its crown jewel in Chicano Park. She is ignited to rise up in 2017 when white supremacists out for revenge threaten the murals.

Ignite a Fire: Creative Passion Photo Essay | Justified Hype

Glass Artists Corey Mitchell and Alexander Chacona demonstrate their passion of glass lampwork in this photo essay shot by Arash Ashfar and set to Revekka Balancier’s “Ignite a Fire,” a creators’ rallying cry.

Gay Rights Movement: Stonewall – Now | Justified Hype

From the Stonewall Inn riots of ’69 to the current termination of a catholic school teacher due to his sexuality, Jeffery Hoyle, gay rights activist, calls upon us to remember the past, celebrate today, and hope for tomorrow.


Jon Medel’s photo essay, as told by Edward Deull, provides a glimpse into how one ballerina may be on the verge when her selfies aren’t good enough, and her director and audience don’t pay enough attention. Is she going to lose it? Are we?

Letter from the Founder – Ignite Collection

From Newton to Hardcore History Podcast, Arash Afshar muses on how an epiphany may be ignition point for many creators. He relates those to his “300” epiphanies igniting the formation of Justified Hype. His most recent epiphany…?

Summer heat brings everything we need to IGNITE

Editor-in-Chief Revekka Balancier previews our Ignite collection exploring pride, culture, passion, confidence, motivation, community and more in her Anti-Editor’s Letter. Fiery clouds photos by Justified Hype Creator Chris Reyes.

Mala prayer beads for meditation, mantras and more

Discover the secrets of our handmade mala prayer beads and the tradition of providing a sense of respite to the wearer by setting your intentions. Available in the Justified Hype Store, hand crafted by Creator Kara Ghilarducci.

Miki Vale: Home is where

Miki Vale is a hip-hop artist with the heart and drive of an artivist focusing on social and political issues. She loves to create, to share, and to help others create, as well. She is also a poet, a commissioned playwright, and a teacher working with displaced and disconnected populations. Miki talks Respite, and what it means to feel at home.

The Tourist

Sarah Cohen takes on a lover while international touring and discovers more than a language barrier when it comes time to say goodbye. Read The Tourist in this installment of #AWalkAmongGods, poetry + photography. Photo by Arash Afshar

My Body

Ada Powers welcomes the process of transitioning from Adam to her new self in My Body. In her exploration she discovers a new love of her body, now growing rounded, soft and feminine. A vulnerable and powerful addition to our Poetry & Photo Series. Accompanying photograph, Arash Afshar.

About the Cover: Nick Isabella captures a special kind of respite

Revekka Balancier interviews fitness photographer Nick Isabella regarding “Respite.” Discover his creative process in shooting this collection’s cover of Miki Vale.

Letter from the Founder – Respite

This whole living thing is hard enough. Adding another layer by taking on the artist’s path is not for the faint at heart. At times it really can seem like we’re in a boxing ring and life is our opponent, delivering devastating blow after blow.


JH Creator KillcRey’s original song Moonlight was the perfect final addition to our #moonshine collection. The video, which he directed and edited himself, is from his #failingFORWARD project. Just as potent as the lyrics are the words that fade subtly across the bottom of the screen, while the moon stays constant in the night sky.

The Dark Side of Me

Revekka Balancier writes about the frustration of living with an alcoholic, knowing it is a disease, and having no one to blame but the moon in our latest #WalkAmongGods Poetry & Photo entry. Jon Medel’s beautiful break-up photo of model April Bay portrays the sadness and regret in the poem perfectly.

Moon Baby

Poet Sarah Lujan writes about the cyclical nature of relationships in Moon Baby. Arash Afshar photographed Creator Jamahl Kersey to capture Sarah’s words.

Lunar Cycle: Photo Essay

Revekka Balancier weaves a folklore styled short story titled “Lunar Cycle” about the Moon’s seduction and betrayal of a woman in this Moonshine theme inspired Photo Essay.

Moonshine Cover Shoot: Jon Medel’s Creative Process

JH Creator and photographer Jon Medel was tapped by Editor-in-Chief Arash Afshar to manifest an inspired image for our “Moonshine” cover of the JH digital magazine.

Letter From the Founder – Moonshine

I’m in Cape Town, South Africa. A blood crescent moon shines down on the South Atlantic Ocean, which I can see just beyond the next building outside my window.

Limitless Photo Collage

Spiders are programs that periodically crawl the Web and create an index (that’s how sites like “Wayback Machine” exist). Similarly, Lee searches for words…

Form, Function, and Herding Cats: Dan Reeves Spotlight

Creator Dan Reeves discusses his newest venture: Mid Century, a vintage modern furniture, décor, and lighting boutique in Hillcrest.

Message in a Bottle

Our poetry and photo series features Revekka Balancier’s ode to Corralejo tequila with dreamy photo by Arash Afshar.

Dismantle Me

An exploration of Limitless in a poem about internal boundaries by Karen Kaye, with original photo by Arash Afshar.

Letter From the Founder – Limitless

I’m in my happy place as I write this (on my laptop at a coffee shop on a sunny afternoon) and I’m doing exactly the thing I’ve been daydreaming about for years: writing an official correspondence to a gathering of like-minded peers.

A Toast to Possibilities

It’s a Friday night in the Arrow Lounge at Uptown Tavern, and Arash alternates between shots of Maker’s Mark and sips of Yerba Mate. This is the launch party for Justified Hype, a project three years in the making.

Strip Video

Miki Vale of Fifty50 is the kind of woman I wish I could be. She’s shamelessly open. Courageously vulnerable. Without hesitation, she will “take her cool off and let it drop to the floor”. She’s not into games or playing it cool. She doesn’t have to front – and she doesn’t want to.

Five Things I learned by recording my first podcast

When I arrived at John Reynolds’ (aka Bass Exotic) apartment on a beautiful sunny afternoon for the interview, I had one major thought on my mind:
Don’t. Get. To. Know. John. At least… not until the tape was rolling.

Make Art, Not Commercials

Jamahl is one of my best friends. We text each other articles and ridiculous Facebook screen caps. We were members of the same frat at SDSU and have shared rides on our fair share of Vegas road trips.

Kelly Schott x Bradford Kadow

Mixed media artist Kelly Schott is a hard gal to shoot… Photographer Bradford Kadow had to chase Kelly around for a while, while Kelly was adventuring in China.

Spring Forward

Justified Hype members Photographer Sam Ramirez and Model Gina Calderoni, collaborate on a Spring-themed photo shoot.

Ballerina looking at the camera with her left hand close to her neck; wearing a black long sleeve outfit and with her chest partially uncovered


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