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What is Justified Hype?

Justified Hype is a modern creative, social and cultural endeavor that allows creators in our community to come together, realize visionary work and share their inspiration with the world.

Core Elements


Creators and professionals passionate about celebrating each other’s work


A showcase of individual and collaborative endeavors


Live the Hype with creations from our members and our lifestyle brand merch


Join the Hype at member submitted events


A vast sea of freelance talent


Build an intentional community of creators designed to foster an organic collaboration of art, entrepreneurship and civic responsibility.


A world where collaboration, creativity and trust in humanity are valued as pillars for community success.


We believe our Collective Power fuels Untethered Creativity and builds Collaborative Momentum, all centered on unwavering Trust and civic responsibility.

Arash Afshar

General vision, content creation

Revekka Balancier

Operations Director
Strategic planning, business logistics

Lee Hemingway

Membership Director
Coordinates member information and updates

Amanda Qassar

Digital Magazine Editor
Project management of content, writing content

Jason Daubert

Computer Geek
Back-end infrastructure, maintenance

Justified Hype Co-Founder & Creative Director Armando Nava
Armando Nava

Creative Director
Front-end website design, graphic design

Kara Ghlarducci
Kara Ghilarducci

Retail Experience Director

Founder's Story

For years, Arash worked as a corporate photographer by day and independent storyteller by night, connecting with artists in various circles at different points in their creative journeys. He envisioned helping these contemporaries along their artistic paths: helping to showcase their talents and encouraging the pursuit of passion without compromise. Justified Hype nourishes creative projects, keeping them in perpetual motion by giving them their due and thereby initiating new ventures. By catalyzing a tribe of collaborators, Justified Hype allows Creators to thrive through actualization of their heart-centered interests.