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Jon Medel

Filmmaker | Photographer
Metal Pixel Foundry

 Escondido, CA – United States


I’ve been working professionally as a .NET developer since its inception in 2002 and a SharePoint developer since 2001.
My background began in data analysis, which quickly evolved into Visual Basic and ASP programming.

Before that, I was a(n):
Art student
Steel fabricator
Rickshaw driver
Restaurant manager
and Newspaper delivery boy

Actually, I’m not sure I ever truly stopped being any of these things.

These days, I’ve taken a very active interest in filmmaking and photography. It permeates everything I do. Beyond being a developer, I also take our company’s professional portraits, photograph events, and create corporate sponsored videos for marketing and human resources recruiting.

Photo Gallery

Creations and Collaborations

The Secrets of the Stars

Photographer Jon Medel captures model Arkady in a golden, glittering psychedelic star trip, where the knowledge of the universe is revealed to her, in Revekka Balancier’s ode to mind-expanding hallucinogens for our #thathigh collection.


Jon Medel’s photo essay, as told by Edward Deull, provides a glimpse into how one ballerina may be on the verge when her selfies aren’t good enough, and her director and audience don’t pay enough attention. Is she going to lose it? Are we?

The Dark Side of Me

Revekka Balancier writes about the frustration of living with an alcoholic, knowing it is a disease, and having no one to blame but the moon in our latest #WalkAmongGods Poetry & Photo entry. Jon Medel’s beautiful break-up photo of model April Bay portrays the sadness and regret in the poem perfectly.

Lunar Cycle: Photo Essay

Revekka Balancier weaves a folklore styled short story titled “Lunar Cycle” about the Moon’s seduction and betrayal of a woman in this Moonshine theme inspired Photo Essay.

Moonshine Cover Shoot: Jon Medel’s Creative Process

JH Creator and photographer Jon Medel was tapped by Editor-in-Chief Arash Afshar to manifest an inspired image for our “Moonshine” cover of the JH digital magazine.