I heard a little rumor there is a way to escape this world –
travel through space and time, and free your mind.

I dared to dream a psychedelic dream would take me away
but I stayed, right here, on planet Earth,
no space odyssey in store for me
I guess I’m meant to be right here where I am.

But the sun came down to kiss me
and it whispered in my ear,
I am but the first and nearest, of many stars to come.

And the sun’s gold lips left a tiny imprint
upon my skin where it kissed me
so I’d be forever reminded of that kiss
and when disappointment rears its head
I must remember there is something more
that has simply not arrived yet.

For the next star, as the sun foretold,
traveled from a nearby solar system
and shared with me its wisdom,
graced me with a gentle kiss,
leaving yet another golden mark upon my skin
so I would always remember
to heed those whispered words.

And so the stars across this galaxy,
and then the next, and then another,
came to me, one after the other,
each bestowing upon me
ancient secrets, myths, and fables,
knowledge gathered through eons
picked up while traveling
through space and time.

Each laid their gentle lips upon my skin,
to seal their secrets into my body,
into my being,
leaving the tiniest flecks of gold
to shine forever in their stead.

And when the last star,
had traveled the furthest distance
and honored me with the last piece of the puzzle
the universe had to give me,
I found there was nowhere I needed to go.

I was in fact, right where I needed to be,
armed with the truths of the universe
I could walk on water into eternity.