B & W shot of glass artist Corey Mitchell, giving a new form to a tube of glass on a torch flame.

There is a path upon which every pyro is set,
at some point in time.

A love for warmth, for heat,
for fire - does not necessarily mean
a need for smoke, for danger,
for destruction.

Glass artist Corey Mitchell sitting on the right of the frame, holding two pieces of glass, almost touching themselves right at center on the flame of the blow torch.

Fire burns, yes, and fire melts,
and let us not forget, fire molds.

Glass artist Alexander Chacona + Corey Mitchell analyzing the glass on the flame.

Fire molds even the hardiest of iron
and it molds the most delicate of glass.

Glass artists Corey Mitchell smiling at the camera while Alexander Chacona is working very concentrated in the background; glass tube on the flame taking it's next form

When wielded by an artist, who must
appreciate and revere the fire as much
as the pyro, fire is a tool, a craft, a passion.

Alexander Chacona looking at the nice detail Corey Mitchell is applying to the piece of glass with the torch flame.

And as passions tend to do, once ignited,
the flames flicker and dance and spread.

Aerial shot of glass artist, Corey Mitchell doing his art; tool set on the table, a couple of thin glass tubes and a furious flame forming and molding the piece of glass.

Passions that burn blue hot
with intention give way to creation.

Glass artists Alexander Chacona + Corey Mitchell having fun creating art pieces with blown glass technique.

And as creators, we are at our best when
we share our passions, our creations,
and our skills with the world.

Close-up of the flame, molding and giving a new form to a piece of glass.

In doing so, we might just be able to
spark that same ember in others.

Glass artist Corey Mitchell is holding a thin glass tube against the blow torch flame.

We know not what wildfire may ensue
in the heart of just one other when exposed
to the right mix of art, skill and compassion.

Beautiful open shot framing a blue sky while glass artist Alexander Chacona is working under a lamp, by the pool on his work station for the day.

But if we ignite a passion in another, just one other,
a passion that burns strong enough to inspire
late nights and twilight mornings…

Glass artist, Alexander Chacona is looking at the set up in-front of him; a full table with all the tools ready to be part of what's about to go down.

if we can ignite a fire so strong it has
the power to mold, how can we not
but use it to mold?

Glass artist, Alexander Chacona regulating the flame of the torch while looking at the nice form he's getting on the piece of glass.

Do we not all have a love
for warmth, for heat, for fire?

Close-up of small blown glass figurines of turtles and pipes.

Let us all create.

Photos taken at The Dome Asylum