July heat brings everything
we need to IGNITE

The Anti-Editor’s Letter - Ignite

Photo by Chris Reyes

Justified Hype Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Revekka Balancier

Summer heat brings with it long days and rising temperatures – the perfect set of conditions when you are ready to ignite…  

Our Cover Photo for this collection is our non-traditional tribute to Pride – our look back at how it all began while still looking toward the future. The Stonewall Riots were a significant moment in history that ignited a people and sparked a movement. Our Cover Story, 50 Years of Stonewall, explores how something so brutal and cruel ignited something as beautiful and colorful as Pride has become today.

The Justified Hype Creators also explore Ignite from other angles throughout the collection. Perhaps ignite a life-long romance or a night of passion. Perhaps ignite a very different kind of passion, one of purpose, creative energy, and intention. In this month’s Arts section, we present a photo essay, Ignite a Fire, exploring these themes and documenting the literal use of fire as a creative tool for glass making. Another photo essay, Dancergram, explores Ignite as motivation, looking at how we are influenced by social media, and comparing that visually to a dancer stage performance, and need for the spotlight.

Our #AWalkAmongGods Poetry & Photo series features yet another exploration of Ignite, with Noor Kazmi’s Applied to the Dark, a look at cultural differences between mainstream America and all others to which the same standards are applied. We also look at igniting cultural pride and resistance movements in Mi Barrio Through the Years from guest contributor Vera Sanchez. 

In this pivotal collection, we are proud to feature new collaborations, new featured columns, and guest contributors. I am excited to move into the Editor-in-Chief role as our Founder, Arash Afshar, focuses on other aspects of our start-up. We are certainly seeing the sparks of what we launched just a short time ago spread into flames. It is the perfect time for Justified Hype to be exploring the theme IGNITE.

Revekka Balancier


The Original Anti-Editor's Letter

It’s not that we do not believe in the valuable process of editing. It’s simply that we want to be clear from the beginning, we revere the vision, expertise and creativity of our Creators. We are building a place where artistic license is the highest credential and collaboration provides all the approval we need. Know that the work you find here is true to the intent of the Creators, intended to be a renaissance of how we create and deliver content – without layers of filter, agenda and demand. We present to you our unadulterated passions. Enjoy.