How high were you? #ThatHigh

The Anti-Editor’s Letter
#ThatHigh Collection

Revekka Balancier resting her hands on a frame and smiling at the camera

Endless summer nights are in full effect – sitting on patios, sharing meaningful memories, funny stories and lots of laughter with friends and family. For this collection, the Justified Hype Creators are exploring the web’s favorite funny story hashtag – the smoker’s answer to the perennial question, how high were you? #THATHIGH

In true Justified Hype fashion, our Creators explore our theme from every angle beginning with Yan Yanez’s cover photo of Steve Mulcahy, this month’s featured Creator. Our #ThatHigh collection cover story looks at Steve’s Afternoon Kitty project, the natural high he gets on the dance floor – and how he has created a global #KittyKountry movement around it. 

In Arts, we look at literal highs in The First Frontier a reflective essay from FlexAir CEO and pilot Paul Wynns who writes about flying a small plane being his first experience with a flow state; “time slows down, the world gets very quiet, even in the midst of all the noise, heat, and vibration of flying in a small aircraft.” 

Speaking of high places, we also have a great Adrenaline Rush Photo Essay of the latest artwork at Quartyard, done by Risk, the graffiti artist who got his name for being willing to get higher up into spots that would terrify anyone else away.

We launch a new photo series in this collection, Double Exposure: Photographers in Action beginning with Arash Afshar shooting Nick Isabella. Arash also happened to shoot as far away as AfrikaBurn, sharing his journey to Tankwa Karoo in a stunning photo collection.

You can also check out our curated presentation of #ThatHigh selections from around the world wide web, a psychedelic worthy glittering collaboration, The Secrets of the Stars, based on the photography of Jon Medel, and our latest A Walk Among Gods Poetry & Photo Series will feature Smiling, a poem about the world’s best high – laughter among friends.

So get ready to have some fun with our collection of works on #ThatHigh.

Revekka Balancier


The Original Anti-Editor's Letter

It’s not that we do not believe in the valuable process of editing. It’s simply that we want to be clear from the beginning, we revere the vision, expertise and creativity of our Creators. We are building a place where artistic license is the highest credential and collaboration provides all the approval we need. Know that the work you find here is true to the intent of the Creators, intended to be a renaissance of how we create and deliver content – without layers of filter, agenda and demand. We present to you our unadulterated passions. Enjoy.