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Nick Isabella sits on top of a table in a darkened room wearing a Guns & Roses baseball shirt and jeans looking intently into the camera.

Nick Isabella
Fitness & Lifestyle Photographer

Nick Isabella Photography

San Diego, CA. – United States

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I love capturing people in their element. The human form, especially in motion, is the most interesting and beautiful thing in the world to me. I take pride in finding that beauty and bringing out the potential in everyone I work with.

Photography isn’t just something I picked up recently. I was drawn to it as a kid, so my parents bought me a cheap film camera when I was 10. I’ve now been behind the lens for over two decades. I studied photography in college, spending countless hours in a darkroom. Once I landed in San Diego I was mentored by and assisted some extremely talented individuals, learning so much of what I know today. I always strive to improve and I make it a point to learn something on every single photo shoot.

If I have one major characteristic that sets me apart from the others it would be that I am the fitness photographer who actually does a LOT of fitness. As an Ironman triathlete, an ultra marathon course record holder and a “once upon a time” ACE-Certified personal trainer, I have a firsthand appreciation for the athletes I work with, and for what they go through on a daily basis. This perspective translates into my work and I like to say that I won’t make any of my clients do something I couldn’t do myself.

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From cover shots to lifestyle, Nick's human perspective shines

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