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Labor Day brings the end of Summer, back-to-school time for the kiddos, released from their farm harvesting duties. Oh, wait, it’s 2019. Monsanto has upended the farming industry forever. Now we insist on taking summer’s off simply because we enjoy our summer vacations. If we want pesticide-free food, we call it “Organic” and pay a premium for it. 

But organic is defined as “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms.” Technically, all our food is organic! For this collection, the Justified Hype Collective explores the theme of Organic.

In Food & Drink, we will profile Creator Cris Herrera, Co-Founder of El Comal, North Park’s staple Mexican eatery, known for authentic cuisine, and an awesome vegetarian menu.

We also use organic to describe the way things grow, the way things connect, the way a network interacts. 

In our Lifestyle section, we are shining our Creator Spotlight on DJ IDeaL and his Dope Underground exploits. So Arash Afshar traveled the after hours, underground tunnel route to capture DJ IDeaL’s most recent Enter the Tech event.

In our new Creative Entrepreneurship series, we will have columns on SEO for creatives and social media marketing. Creator Lee Hemingway has great tips for artists on how to organically grow website traffic and shares his research and optimization strategies. We also take a look at the Organic vs. Paid debate. Did your social media following grow organically? Or did you use a paid advertising strategy to grow your fan base? In the end, does it matter?

We also have new fashion and make-up columns coming your way this month! Our Creators will share stories on how to incorporate organic looks into your style. Plus, stylists offer advice on how to capture a natural, fresh-faced look without your pics coming out with bags under your eyes…

In Arts, for our A Walk Among Gods Poetry & Photo Series, Jon Medel and I team up once again on a poem I wrote about a difficult period with depression. The Lyrics of the Leaves reflects on how hiking and nature helped me turn around

Finally, in our photo essay series, Double Exposure: Photographers in Action, we have Arash Afshar shooting Yan Yanez on location in Chicano Park. You can also read Behind the Cover: Forgive us our Trespasses, Yan Yanez leads us Astray to hear the accidentally less than legal adventures that led up to the shoot!

Are you enjoying the content the Justified Hype Creators are putting together each month? Help us grow organically and share with your friends 😉

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The Original Anti-Editor's Letter

It’s not that we do not believe in the valuable process of editing. It’s simply that we want to be clear from the beginning, we revere the vision, expertise and creativity of our Creators. We are building a place where artistic license is the highest credential and collaboration provides all the approval we need. Know that the work you find here is true to the intent of the Creators, intended to be a renaissance of how we create and deliver content – without layers of filter, agenda and demand. We present to you our unadulterated passions. Enjoy.