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Tomas Serrano

In The Mixxx / Glow Radio

Host / Correspondent
NBC Sound Diego

 Long Beach, CA. – United States

An ideal is an unattainable standard to which you can aspire but never fully achieve. In that respect, it’s the perfect symbol of DJ IDeaL’s career. Despite his long list of accomplishments, he considers his journey in dance music to have only just begun.

Upon watching him improvise behind the decks, DJ IDeaL’s tenure as a DJ and producer becomes immediately evident. Having actively contributed to dance culture since the late ‘90s, his influence extends through numerous avenues of the international phenomenon as well. In addition to performing across the globe and releasing music on labels like Black Hole Recordings, Docka Records and VANDIT Records, he’s established himself as a noteworthy promoter, writer, label boss, TV host and radio personality.

In recent years, DJ IDeaL has gravitated towards the more mature styles of house and techno, although his knack for turntablism renders each of his sets simultaneously engaging and tasteful. In a greater sense, he understands the unifying power of dance music. He sees it as a culture that’s grown much bigger than sound alone, which explains why his career has branched out in so many novel directions over the years.

Amazingly enough, DJ IDeaL suspects that dance culture is still only on the verge of blossoming. If his prediction comes true, it’s safe to assume that the best is yet to come for him as well.

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