Double Exposure:

in Action

Arash Afshar Shoots
Yan Yanez

Double Exposure is our regular series of photographers shooting photographers while on photography shoots! In this collection, Founder Arash Afshar followed along on the adventures of Yan Yanez in Barrio Logan where the team was shooting the cover of our #ThatHigh collection. Yan played with long exposure shots, smoky clouds, crossing boundaries (so much so that we all received trespassing citations!) and Arash captured at all. See the final shots in our #ThatHigh cover story on Steve Mulcahy, Hallowed be Thy Dance Floor with Afternoon Kitty and read about our MTS adventures in Behind the Cover: Forgive us our Trespasses, both featuring Yan’s photos.

Photographer Yan Yanez setting up flash, camera and tripod for the next shot