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Rebecca Nuvoletta

Video Artist

Atmosphere Consultant

Art Director

Event Producer | VJ

 San Diego, CA. – United States

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Rebecca Nuvoletta is a multidisciplinary artist working in video, light sculpture, voice and interactive installation. Much of her work employs infusion of the sacred gaze into found and recycled objects combined with emergent technology plastic and light mediums. Heavily influenced by academic studies in classical music as well as her involvement in NYC’s underground electronic art and music, Nuvoletta’s work explores life on the edge of the emerging fractal. Projects in voice have included engagements in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, New York City and throughout the United States. She is a member of the art collective Disorient, creating and project managing interactive and LED art installations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and at Burning Man.

Creations and Collaborations

Lunar Cycle: Photo Essay

Revekka Balancier weaves a folklore styled short story titled “Lunar Cycle” about the Moon’s seduction and betrayal of a woman in this Moonshine theme inspired Photo Essay.

Moonshine Cover Shoot: Jon Medel’s Creative Process

JH Creator and photographer Jon Medel was tapped by Editor-in-Chief Arash Afshar to manifest an inspired image for our “Moonshine” cover of the JH digital magazine.

A Toast to Possibilities

It’s a Friday night in the Arrow Lounge at Uptown Tavern, and Arash alternates between shots of Maker’s Mark and sips of Yerba Mate. This is the launch party for Justified Hype, a project three years in the making.