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Tiger’s Eye Mala

by Creator Kara Ghilarducci

$ 79.00 + tax

This is a 108-bead Mala, hand-made by Creator Kara. It has black knotting and multi-color 8-mm Tiger's Eye beads, 8-mm lava rock beads, and 10-mm clear quartz marker beads throughout. It ends with a black cotton tassel.

Tiger's Eye is the premier stone for COURAGE. Wear this Mala to bring inner strength to your special occasions or day to day journey.

The lava stones can be used as an essential oil diffuser by placing one to two drops of oil on one or more lava stone beads. They soak up the oil, allowing you to enjoy all day long!

Malas are prayer necklaces made with 108 beads. This number is sacred in Hinduism, encircling the wholeness of existence.

Creator Kara recites mantras as she makes these Malas, infusing her creative energy into each knot and tassel.

Use these beads to count your mantras or your breaths while meditating. The Mala can also be used in yoga to bring intention into your practice by placing it at the head of your mat, allowing the Mala to absorb the energy and focus of your movement.

Use your Mala to set intentions, meditate, or just as a lovely accessory, programmed with the energy you choose.