IGNITE MOVIE: An Ode to the Burning Man Experience

Words by: Keesa Ocampo

Film by: Ryan Moore

Podcast by: Arash Afshar

Ryan’s work comes from a place of love. As a filmmaker, every piece must come from a microcosm of the world that lights you up and reminds you of the best of humanity. The one thing I know well about Ryan is his integrity as a storyteller. From the creator of the highly-acclaimed documentary, “Manny,” comes a story about a place called home. 

Ignite is a cinematic poem dedicated to Burning Man – a temporary home to scores of pilgrims whose collective energy, artistry, idealism, and dreams make the frames and the soul of Black Rock City. The first time I watched this film was a week prior to my first burn. I fell in love with Burning Man through it and yet, everyday on the playa still surpassed every moment prior. What I love most about Ryan’s work with Ignite is that it embodies the principles of Burning Man. It was made to democratize access to this utopia, what we call radical inclusion. It was his gift to the community; a self-expression of the best that we could possibly be together. I’m distinctly honored to put these words down for him and to lead you all through the doors to home.

Bonus Material: Burner Podcast

You can hear more in Ryan’s own words in the Burner Podcast Episode 96: The Wind Whispers