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Tori Massie

Event Coordinator
Soul Work

Associate Producer
Burner Podcast & Alkaline Podcast

Project Coordinator
Baldwin & Sons – Real Estate Developer and Builder

 San Diego, CA – United States

When Tori isn’t being the best dang associate producer in the world for the Burner Podcast, she’s working her day job as a project manager for a San Diego homebuilding company. Her passion for real estate and community planning ties in nicely with her love for all things people. If you can’t find her lurking around various local Open Houses, she’s probably traveling through a developing country or Marching against Monsanto. She’s also a fan of amateur parkour, dance battles, rock-climbing, and good people doing good things. Hit her up if you can teach her how to save the elephants or if you want to discuss her cat, Noodles.

Creations and Collaborations

Arash Afshar on Producing Art | Justified Hype Magazine

Igniting Pride is the rallying cry of the Ignite collection photo shoot which provided Arash Afshar, photographer, an opportunity to offer his perspective on the creative process, making art vs allowing art to make itself.