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Madeleine Hamann

PhD Candidate
Org: Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Marine Physical Laboratory

Lead Artist
Ocean Tunnel; Toxic Unicorn

Dream Fair

San Diego, CA – United States

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"Maddie Hamann was born and raised in central Ohio. She earned a B.S in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 2013 and moved to San Diego afterwards to pursue a PhD in Physical Oceanography at UC San Diego. Shortly after moving west, she discovered the cultural phenomenon that is Burning Man. Given a platform to share her creativity, she jumped right in and has since been expanding creativity and playfulness into her life and work wherever possible. She dabbles in textiles, dying techniques, costuming, body painting, metalworking, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, laser cutting, screen printing, plastic up-cycling, and more… when asked, she describes her medium as “whatever is needed to make the vision come to life.” She particularly loves creating collaborative art and considers leading and managing teams to be one of her primary skills.

Maddie is passionate about sustainability, protecting ocean ecosystems, leading and sharing a healthy holistic lifestyle, and creating space for the people around her to create and play. She practices yoga and acroyoga regularly and is in training to become a certified Anusara Elements instructor. She is currently finishing her PhD, leading the collaborative creation of Toxic Unicorn, heading up camp Celestial Sideshow, and working with Dream Fair Inc. to create cohesion and community among the creative community in San Diego. "

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